ELECTROTEHNICA GROUP SRL is a robust company, with tradition in the area, dedicated to offer quality but also innovtive products and services, attentive to customer requirements, with a wide activity domain:


  • Electric power transformers and autotransformers
  • Welding transformers
  • Reactance coils
  • AC and DC coils
  • AC and DC electrical drives
  • Voltage regulators, starters, inverters
  • Rectifiers
  • Static excitation systems
  • Repair, rebuild electric motors
  • Repair electrical items


Our attitude in dealing with suppliers, advantageously embodied to each party involved, led to the creation of long-term partnerships with them and consequently to an increase in the quality of products to our customers.


We are characterized by reliability in the design and execution of products and ensuring their quality, in accordance with specified requirements and legal provisions in force, as well as their delivery deadlines.


Main beneficiaries:

AEROSTAR SA Bacau, Vest Energo SA Bucuresti, RADET Bucuresti, Alro SA Slatina, Pirelli SA Slatina, Mechel Campia Turzii, Comat Electro SA, Pragmatic Comprest SRL Cluj, Mittal SA Galati, NAVROM REPARATII SA Galati, COELCO TRADE (LAPP KABEL ROMANIA), ICPE ACTEL ELECTROCARBON SA Slatina.

Our company designs and manufactures quality products in accordance with STAS 1703080
European Standards EN 60742:98 SR EN 61558:97